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Obituary for Troy Lavern Remer

Life Story of Troy Lavern Remer

Troy Lavern Remer was born to Mary and Jerald Remer in Rapid City, South Dakota on November 24th, 1966. He grew up in Las Vegas with his eldest brother, Toby Remer and younger sisters, Taunia Remer Baxter and Terri Callaway. Troy grew up hunting, fishing, and camping with his family, but mostly he enjoyed pestering his family which is how he showed his love. The squeezing of the knees, the probing of the ribs, and the smacks on the butt are just some of the ways he showed that love, which we all had the pleasure to experience.

Troy went to Valley High School and became a father to Troy Junior at the young age of 17 in 1984. He was married to Renee Statton shortly after and had a second child, Jason in 1986. They were married for seven years before parting ways. He relentlessly worked tireless hours to provide for his young family. He became a cook at the Golden Nugget and then a Bellman/Limo driver where he worked for about 15 years. While working at Golden Nugget, Troy met Traci Phillips whom he married and had a 16 year marriage. They had a beautiful girl together named Samantha Mary Remer that was his pride and joy 11 years after his two boys. He would do anything and everything for his children.

Troy and the Remer family faced a devastating tragic loss of his middle child Jason in 2015. Troy was truly all about his family and would do anything for them so this loss tore his heart apart. He fought his way through and gained momentum to push forward where he became employed at Brooklyn bowl in the kitchen. He started as a cook and worked his way up fast to a Sous Chef until recently in May where he was furloughed due to the pandemic. It was fortunate that him and Sam were able to work together and make special memories there. He was adored, looked up to, and respected by so many of his staff and other coworkers, and that was obvious. He made everyone feel warm and welcomed no matter the circumstances. His laugh lit up the room and was very contagious everywhere he went.

It’s painful that we lost such an amazing man at such an early age. He will be greatly missed by his daughter, son, three siblings, girlfriend, and other family and close friends. We love you, Troy and hope that you can rest peacefully with the other angels that our family has lost.